Flooring project list

When you decide to have new hardwood floors in your house don’t forget to ask us about -and be aware about -other things that you may have to change.

To help you we recommend a small “Flooring project list”.

Floor type: - hardwood (unfinished)
  - laminate( prefinished)
  - engineered
  - other
Subfloor type: - concrete
  - plywood
Subfloor grade: - above grade
  - below grade
  - on grade
Installation method: - nail
  - float
  - glue
Sound proof: - cork

Quarter round – Usually in 3/4 inch and is used to accent the transition and cover the gap between the floor and the baseboard. Especially useful for floor when the baseboard is typically not removed.Also used alone to transition between a hardwood floor and cabinetry.

Shoe molding – Same as quarter round but is just 1/2 inch.

Threshold – Ideal for doorway applications and for transitioning between floors of different heights. Examples: either wood or laminate to high pile carpet or thick ceramic tile.

T-Molding – Provides an attractive solution for blending floor surfaces in adjoining rooms, typically between rooms or in any entryway. Also used as an expansion joint for floors installed in large-sized rooms.

Reducer – Provides a smooth transition from laminate or wood floor to flooring surface such as vinyl, thin ceramic tile or low- pile carpeting.

Stair nosing – Designed to create a clean transition from a step to a hardwood floor.

Wall base – also called baseboard, it is used to make the transition from floor to wall in almost every installation.

Stair riser – Is the face of a stair and makes the connection between two stair tops.

Stair tred – Is the top of a stair.

Grill vent